About Us

Baby Blue Boutique was started in January of 2021 by Morgan and Mckinlee. We started this boutique because we both love cute clothes and helping people find all of the new, trendy styles!

A little bit more about us: we both grew up in the same super small town in central Utah. We have been best friends ever since we were little (see picture below of us back in the old daysūüėČ). We have done absolutely¬†everything together since that picture. We had the same teacher every year, took the same classes, were on the cheer team together, had many interesting adventures, and so much more! Now we have started this boutique together!

We promise that we will always be here for our amazing customers that we are SO grateful for. We are thrilled to be able to find the cutest styles and items for you, and we love that we get to share our love for fashion with you. Thank you so much for supporting us and our dreams!

XOXO - Morgan & Mckinlee